Monday, May 25, 2009

Fanny Pack Attack!

For some reason I love fanny packs! I have a harajuku lovers one with cute kitties on it! But fannies are just too small for the arsenal I need to carry around to survive the day! I stumbled across this awesome fanny on etsy today! 

Please check out YarnOverMovement's etsy! 

PS. I started an embroidery project today with one of Elsie's pattern's from the pretty class! I'll post pics soon!


GraphXGrrl said...

When we went to Disney World this last time I had thought about getting one. But then I opted for this thing that I had seen a lot of Asian girls wearing the last time we had gone. I'm not really sure what they're called but they had a few at Target at the time (I haven't seen them since), but they're like micro-efficiency purses that strap across your torso. They're rectangular with like four zipper pockets and hold a surprising amount of stuff for how small they are. I was able to carry all my money/cards/tickets/keys/candy/and even a paperback novel! And it just ends up resting along your side. Anyway, no idea what it's called but I love it! lol

Miss Wanderlust said...

I looooove a cute fanny pack!!! There is one that I totally want from hi tree!!!