Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dolly Dreams and Baby Things

This weekend my mom came for a visit since I am all alone while Clint is on tour. She went to a garage sale in my neighborhood and found this rad Dolly Parton drawing! 

We also bought lots of cute baby things.....

I hope my baby loves this Blabla doll as much as I do!

We found these red cowboy boots at Old Navy. My little rockstar needs boots! haha

Here are a few cute baby things from Pinterest....

Source: husohem.se via Mrs. on Pinterest

Mom also helped me clean out some closets and get things moved around. I was super excited to be able to hang thing in the baby's closet. I can't wait to do more work on the nursery. 

Would it be weird if I named my baby Dolly???

Monday, June 18, 2012

What I Wore To Work

I usually only take pictures of what I wear to work when I open, mostly because there's no one there to judge me. Haha. I also need to entertain myself between puking and paperwork. Yes, this is real life where being pregnant isn't all that glamorous and I have a full time job I still have to show up to in order to provide for this little one. At least today I managed to put some concealer on to cover my zombie eyes. Now for the breakdown...

Blazer: dollhouse, tee: stylemint, jeggings: bullhead, shoes: toms, healing crystal necklace: the oddesy

Shirt: thrifted, bottoms: banana republic (thrifted), shoes: toms (hand painted by me)

Flannel: Pacsun, cat tank: vans, skirt: Pacsun, tights:?, mocs: darlingtonia (etsy)

What do you wear to work? Leave a link.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Babycakes is a Rockstar

This was our first sonogram and it was really neat to actually see the baby ( and make sure there was only 1). That little baby was rockin and rollin in there. You can tell it takes after his/her dad.

I can't wait to find out what we are having. I really need to get started on this nursery.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dear Life....

I'm pretty sure I'm a crazy cat lady without any cats. But crazy dog lady doesn't sound as cool, and I like things with cats on them. So crazy cat lady it is...

I need this shirt....

My hair is long and out of control. I never brush it and well that's mostly why it's out of control. Sometimes, I think I should just chop it off and start over. I did that once and looked like a little boy....

But I think Michelle williams hair is super cute.

I think I need these goofy ottomans. But not the clown one, clowns are scary.

Work has been a major pain in my ass, let's just be honest. I always have the worst luck with jobs. I'm hoping soon to have a baby, make art, and work for myself. Goodbye retail. (fingers crossed).

The rest of my week is filled with work, work, and more work. I wish I was less responsible and a slacker sometimes. Or on a permanent vacation. Speaking of vacations, I'd like to get the heck out of dodge for a while. A girl can dream.....

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kanye, Elvis, Hello Kitty and Cheese Balls

This week I patiently waited for my 2 days off so I could visit my family.

I snuggled with puppies...

Went to work (do I look pregnant?)...

I checked my mail and did a happy dance that my Sucre record finally came...

Then I travelled to San Angelo and saw a little girl who likes Hello Kitty (just like me)...

Doesn't she look like my mini me?!

I got to hug and play with Captain Edie. She's so cute and squishy.

Go shopping with the little sister.

Eat this 'queso' which was disguised as a cheese ball at The

Hang out downtown and have a
Root beer float at Sassy Fox. Ps that's Elvis.

On the way home this popped up on my shuffle and I was a ghetto superstar all the way home.

The End.

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