Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Puppy Segway Transformers

So the night owl in me is back! Which is probably a bad thing. But last night I stayed up late and cleaned up my little studio space. I only took one before pic, but you couldn't even walk into the room before this first photo was taken...sad but true...


Where the magic happens. lol
Clint's mom helped me make the curtain. Clint helped me cover the chair for my sewing area.
This is my inspiration wall. I plan to paint it a fun zen color soon!
I haven't been able to buy any organizational stuff, so I am just using found things out of my garage. But hey, recycling is a good thing :)

This is Loki helping me with wedding stuff today. I work on the floor a lot, but the puppies try to take it over lol...PS that is Loki's Hello Kitty rug!

Did I mention that the puppies ran away today?! I freaked out b/c I love them so much and I searched the neighborhood. I was gone all day, so they must have been running around the neighborhood all day. One of the pickets in our fence blew off and they squeezed out. I found them around the corner. They saw me and headed home lol. Loki went straight to the front door, Duo just kept going. I don't think Duo knows where he lives. But they are safe and sound and we fixed the fence. Stupid crazy Texas winds.
Here is the invite I made. You can't really see the detail from the scan, but I used velum and used drafting tape to make it stay. :)
My boss is throwing me a bridal shower, and I volunteered to make the poster to hang at work.
Today Clint's mom came down, and we got tons of wedding stuff done! Flowers are ordered and decor pretty much done. She bought me a bridal book. There's lots of things about weddings that I have no clue about. We have some much more to do...I have my list and I am checking things off!

So lately I have been having weirdo dreams. Last night or early this morning I dreamt I had a transformer suburban and it transformed into a segway, and that guy from that movie Mall Cop tried stealing it when I stopped at a hotdog stand. I think it's strange I've been remembering my weird dreams...I think it happens less when I have to get up early for work lol...what do you dream?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Taco Tuesday Wedding Inspiration

I have compiled some pictures of inspiration for my upcoming wedding. Clint's mom is coming by tomorrow and I needed to show her what my vintage french country theme was all about. I have some fabric I like with the colors and patterns that inspire me too. I don't really have a set color, more like muted pastels. These pics were mostly taken from Green Wedding Shoes. I actually did a similar post a while back, here is the link to that post.

This is the inspiration for Clint's outfit I have yet to go shopping for. It's on the list for tomorrow. Clint will be on tour most of April and get back a few days before the wedding, so I will get to pick out something rad for him to wear. He will look so handsome!
I guess tomorrow I will know more and hopefully have a few things checked off my to do list. Please send any songs for my wedding playlist, that would rock! Brooke and I already started a list so far we have:

painting by chagall- the weepies
?- old 97's
turn out the lights- new amsterdams

lol kinda small list...well off to do homework, clean the house, and get ready for doing stuffs tomorrow. i hope there will be lots of cupcakes testing for me to do ;)

Strangers Answering My Phone

I had dreams of being lost in a forest, and calling people on my cell phone but strangers answering. There were roller skates and fire trucks. None of it made sense but when I woke up this morning I told Clint that some old lady kept answering his phone when I called him.

I love this darling face. I found this on a random tumbler. This is her at SXSW! I saw her wearing this cute outfit! Whoever got close enough to take this photo you rock! PS I can't wait to get the new cd! I'll be checking my mail...;)

It's my day off today and I want to go to the movies. I want a pickle, buttered popcorn, and a cherry coke. The only time I drink coke is when I go to the movies, it's my ritual. Drinking coke otherwise would just cheapen

I really need to clean my house today b/c Clint's momma is coming over tomorrow and we're doing wedding stuffs. I love Hayley from Paramore, it's my dirty little secret. The guy at Hot Topic told me he wouldn't tell anyone. I go in there sometimes to buy Paramore t-shirts. I have a band shirt addiction. So does Clint. I think a little Paramore will get me motivated to clean.

If you don't know who this is, or have not bought this album...we can't be friends. (or I could burn you a copy to save our friendship :)

I liked this movie. I could watch it again. Truthfully I don't mind being alone sometimes. I think it's b/c I am around people all day long LOL. I hear I look like Kirsten Dunst, what do you think?

This is my short morning, but it's already noon post. Time for more tea!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Light Fighter

I had a dream that I was in a band with Miley Cyrus and some old metal dudes. We had a junky old tour bus and stopped in a random town to raid apartment complexes for swimming pools. There was lots of fence jumping.

I am ready for the sun to come out and play. My goal is to start jogging the neighborhood once it warms up a bit. PS I love fedoras, I wear mine a lot during the summer.
Clint keeps telling me to stop cutting my bangs. lol I think it's because I do such a bad job of it, but everyone keeps telling me they look good. Me, I could care less.
Orla Orla Orla, I love your yellows and blues....
I am a little Alice obsessed, even before the movie came out. I had started re-reading the book again a while back. I am always reading several books at once....
There are lots of blondes in this post lol, I think my blonde hair is growing on me and I might leave it alone. I know my momma will be happy. Well I am going to try to paint my nails and get ready for work....happy sunny day!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

I Think The Hello Kitty Store Misses Me

What's been on your mind lately? On my mind is pink, paris, words with friends, wedding stuffs, homework, and cooking. I am currently reading the March issue of Nylon magazine, where I haven't got past the first few ads. I am currently drinking a glass or perhaps third glass of Llano sweet red wine. I have been going to be bed between 10:30pm and 11pm nightly, which is definately odd for this night owl. I have been considering turning several pairs of jeans into shorts, long shorts, I don't like my hiney hanging out and they really don't make many long shorts these days. Last year I bought some guys shorts lol, maybe I am just getting old? I think the Hello Kitty store misses me, I haven't been in a while. OR maybe I miss it? lol Although the lovely Cat sent me my Pocky fix, so I don't have to tread dangerous waters going into the HK store....thanks Cat! Cat is awesome and sent me the most wonderful happy mail package ever! xo

Pink and Paris....two of my favourite things!

I am not sure if these are cherry blossom tress, but I like them. I am fascinated by cherry blossom trees. I would love to go to Japan during that time of year when they bloom.

I would totally drive this car, although I like the baby blue version too. Like the one Reese drives in Legally Blonde 2.

Not only have I been thinking about tattoos. I want Brooke to draw me a compass rose! I just saw the deal on the Harry Potter theme park opening in June. Clint was all like that's lame, me of course I want to go!

Haha I always hit snooze, and I never want to get out of bed!

Bags, bags, Bags....I want one I will use for a long time. Right now I switch all the time. I am working on this small wicker purse that I want to embroider on...i'm downsizing...

I'm in the mood for spring...cute lil japanese art...

I heart what's in your bag posts...I saw this one somewhere...there is usually strawberry pocky in my bag too, and the Sailor Moon collector cards lol...I heart that show, I used to watch it when I was younger! sigh...
I could really use a strawberry cupcake. Cat got me a candle that just makes me want one even more than usual!

Bunnies and daisies....i'm in love...I love that perfume! Right now I am wearing my momma's Marc Jacob's lola perfume...

so pretty...

Can I have this kitchen?

neato? I think so

I need to find or make some big bows!

Cat nominated me for this award and I was so excited! I know I didn't read the directions too well but I plan to nominate a few people...

1. Brooke over at On The Wings of a Dove
2. Amy over at Style Crush and peptogirl industries
3. Dez over at GraphXGrrl
4. Jessica over at Hello, my name is Jessica
5. everyone over at mucho mucho bueno bueno

Those are pretty much my daily reads. So check out their lovely blogs and give some love.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Haven't Had My Coffee Yet, Don't Make Me Kill You!

So I'm drinking some tea and dreading getting ready for work. My DM will be in today, which means I need to look cute while being hopped up on Red Bull (or at least acting like it) and be the epitome of the supreme customer service guru. I feel like none of those things today. Hopefully she shows up on time and leaves a few hours after I come in....fingers crossed.

Last night I made meatloaf from scratch and it was sooo yummy. I wanted to do a post about it b/c I've been cooking a lot more, but I always forget to take pics while I am concentrating. Here is the link to the recipe. All the recipe's I have been making recently are from Ellie. They are super healthy but taste amazing. I usually tweak them a bit to our tastes, like adding my special secret ingredient (that's artichoke), which I add to everything possible. A lot of Ellie's recipe's have videos and the reviews are helpful too. So check it out!

Here are some lookbook pics of outfits that I liked. Hopefully this will inspire me to get dressed? PS some are other random pics that I have no idea where they came from...

I am supposed to dress springy, but apparently spring has not sprung in Texas. 60 and rainy today. So maybe I can do a tights and shorts thing? Not too sure I can pull that off but we'll see...Are you ready for spring? I am! I need to work on my flower beds!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taco Tuesday: SXSW is sooo Norway 2004

So I survived SXSW 2010, barely. I wasn't feeling well...officially I couldn't hear out of my left ear or talk on friday...bummer. We accomplished seeing She & Him, we froze our asses off, and got no sleep. We realized maybe we are too old for this, and perhaps this festival is not what it once was. I mean come on Hole was there. But we did see some awesome new that's my lazy version...For the full version of the trip check out Brooke's blog.

PS the reference to norway 2004 is the scarf I bought at the thrift store in = suckage

Since I have been sick I have drank a ton of tea...Even paid $3 in Austin for a tiny cup of Earl Grey....
Note to self...check the weather thoroughly and pack appropriately or you'll be sorry...
Today was my day off, so I got stuff done:

I mailed off my last happy mail package. I've decided not to continue, but Brooke and I decided that we can be each other's happy mail partners for life! lol.

I went by Cake, one of our local cupcakeries and asked about prices for my wedding cake cupcakes.

I went by James Avery and checked out wedding bands.

Clint and I cut and assembled some wedding invites last night after dinner.

I went grocery shopping.

I did the dishes and I am now doing laundry.

I plan to work on homework and more wedding stuff after this blog.

Right now I am going to go download all the fun apps from Brooke's double tap tuesday blog post!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Permanent Vacation

It's a gloomy and rainy day here in the south plains. I'm drinking some tea and about to get ready for work. booo...

Last night Clint's band played a show @ Bashs. Papa Bear and Paper Bird opened for them and they were amazing. These bands are from Denver. I love anything that comes out of Denver or Boulder! I got a live album of Paper Bird, 3 girl harmonies, banjo, harmonica, stand up base, trombone, and trumpet...steal my heart!

Thrift Store Cowboys played mostly new songs until the end when the crowd starts yelling for more TSC! I love that! Pearl played her fiddle with the band, and played a new song. Corey sang the song he wrote called was pretty awesome. There were the usual drunks, including the bottle busting Iron Man, but it wouldn't be a show without him...note to self wear my cowboy boots next time not moccasins...

The SXSW countdown has begun, and I have sooo much to do.....on to the fun stuff!

This is the cutest/most stylish lil boy ever. Found on lookbook. He looks like a baby Clint.

I love in your bag posts....this one makes me wish for my vacation to get here sooner...

This is how I felt today with all the rain and gloom....

I really wish I had bought those rain boots that one time....guess I'll just be wearing my cowboy boots (the black ones ash gave me)....

I am building a pretend webpage that actually has to work for my class... I am actually almost done! Final touches today during lunch I suppose. I want to get it turned in tonight! Fingers crossed! lessons for the week are on Matisse...I like this painting of his...

Today I am thinking of getting some pink manic panic and just going for usually pay someone a million dollars to do my hair is blonde with some black in it, so I figure I can just put it on all over since it won't cover the black and eventually it will wash out...right?
Any advice?

Hello zombie apocalypse, I am not afraid of you!

I love kitties! I miss my kitty Vash the Stampede, he lives with my momma...

LoL I said this the other day....and it is true...

I saw this on weheart it or a tumbler and thought it was funny....

Well time to get ready for work. I think I have a case of the Monday's...