Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Couple Early B-day Presents

Right now I am watching a True Blood marathon on HBO, drinking some wine, and hanging with the puppies. I got off work early enough this afternoon to go buy some MAC makeup, and make some stew since it was sooo cold today. This week I bought myself a few birthday presents. This book was one of them:

I also bought this CREATE bracelet from Janel's Etsy Store. I had seen a similar one that said cupcake but it sold and now I can't find the shop it was in....lol

I have to work on my birthday, and I am hoping to get to go out for sushi sometime this week. C.cakes has a show NYE that I will be going to that, and it should be really fun. I still haven't decided what I am going to wear....lol

Monday, December 28, 2009

There's Only Time for 10

1. So my birthday is in a couple of days, and I plan to eat as many cupcakes as I can!

2. I really want nail polish this color. I have a darker teal color, but this one is more subtle...

3. I heart pretty buttons, this makes me feel like reading Little House on the Prairie books.

5. One of my fav movies of all time!

6. I wish this was my room! I almost died when I saw the Silverchair poster on the wall, they are my fav band of all time!

7. Truthfully I am not sure who Alexa Chung is, but she dresses kinda like I do, so I like her...lol. Her quote in whatever magazine this is, is hilarious...ps I want those shoes!

8. If I could, and I might, I would build this escape in my backyard and spend all my time there!

9. I wish my closet was this organized...seriously

10. Today I went to KK's Craft mall with the intention of buying a knock off Chanel bag, but they only had a white one and it was $60. I'm sure in Mexico or China I can get one for $5...I have silly thoughts...

I do a 10 things I like right now post a lot, but Janel did one for today, so I am doing this in the spirit of her post. What 10 things do you think are beautiful or enjoy or just anything?

PS all images are from weheartit and i'm a sucker for cupcakes

Sunday, December 27, 2009

French Moods and stuff with cats on it...

Today was my only day off this week, so I stayed in my pj's and watched the entire first season of Weeds while embroidering. I am like a grandma. I had breakfast for dinner, and mashed potatoes for breakfast, ate chocolate and played with the puppies. I slept in and went to bed early, so I am not tired and plan to sew a few gifts before bed. Tomorrow Calleycakes and I are going to KK's craft mall where I plan to buy some knock off handbags and other old lady-ish stuff with cats on it.

I've been thinking a lot about my new years resolutions and also my 27 to do before I turn 28. One of them is to get a tattoo, but I can't decide what I want, but calleycakes is making me since I've been wanting one and its on the list. lol. I really need to find a new job, but if I do then I probably can't dye all of my hair pink (it's partially pink now) for my birthday. Every year on my birthday I get my hair done. Well, not this year because I have to work all day. But I will be going to a show that night that I will not drink at all because I have work in the morning. My mom got me a crazy vintage dress to wear, I need to try it on and see if it fits.

I was in a Chanel mood today. I really want a Chanel barrel bag, but can't afford to spend thousands on one. sigh. I'm in the mood to watch Audrey Hepburn films or french films. We watch a lot of french films in this house.

I need a new pair of glasses really bad....

Amelie is an awesome movie if you've never seen it. You'll have a new love for photobooth pictures.
My house smells like breakfast. Tomorrow is the beginning of a long week, but I'm hoping to be optimistic.

PS images from weheartit.com

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas has come and gone...

I hope everyone had a merry christmas! I drove down to see my mom and sister after work on the 23rd, through crazy scary rain. Mom and I went shopping on xmas eve because I still had presents to buy. It snowed a ton up here, and C.cakes had to spend xmas eve with the puppies.
I slept in christmas day, then got up and watched the Disney parade, since I couldn't drive back because of the snow. But I am back home now, and not wanting to brave the icy roads to get to work...pooo...

Here are some pics from christmas so far:

Tree at my mom's house.

My lil sis, mom, and me.

Ash has one more month until Avery arrives.

I got mom a cross, b/c she likes crosses.

Ash and brandon with the cute family painting I made them. It is based on Elsie's pillow design.

Ash Being silly.

When I got home I played a little bit in the snow with the puppies.

Here are the cupcakes my mom got me for my birthday (which is the 31st) since I have to work and get no more days off....sad but true....

I missed Christmas with c.cakes family, and they are wanting to do it today, but we both have to work. So, we still have all their presents. I guess we'll just have a late christmas. I still need to get a few things, finish a few handmade presents and mail them off...but I am ready for a new year! I need to finish up my certification, and find a new job ASAP! But I'll do a post on new years resolutions/plans later! Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Sushi-cakes and Magic Hats

So I am finishing up my Starbucks double shot, going to remake my to do list, then get it done! That's the plan! There are so many things to do and I really only have today to get them all done. I could really use that personal assistant right about now, and I'll pay you in these:

So for some crazy reason, I really like the white dress one of the Olsen's is wearing. It would be a cute birthday dress.....

I think I deserve to go somewhere magical....and wear this magical hat!

If you didn't know, Christmas is pretty much here! I would love to jump in my time machine and visit the 60's and their amazing decor....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Yummy Sushi Pj's

If there is one thing I have wanted close to forever, it would be these yummy sushi pj's! If you don't know one of my nicknames is Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and that just happens to be one of my all time favorite shows (I own all the season's on DVD, love going to the all night musical in Austin, wish I still owned those leather pants...).

Anywhooo, Buffy wears these pj's throughout the show! PS I love love love sushi! I would eat it everyday if I could.

So thank you Danielle at Sometimes Sweet for sending me the link! I am totally asking Santa for these!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What Happened to Tuesday? It Can't Be Wednesday!

Yesterday I worked over 14 hours total, and didn't get home until 1am. I couldn't sleep because of all the coffee I drank, so I am now just getting up. I am about to make more coffee and go back to work. I will be soooo glad when I get my teaching certification done and get out of retail! That's my biggest goal for 2010!

On the Craft Magazine Blog they had this cute yarn creation and I just love it! Who would've though that pandas become gnomes? Now you know!

Every year it is the same thing... I look for the prefect outfit to wear on my birthday. My birthday happens to be December 31st, and every New Years Eve Clint has a show. Every year it ends with me not finding that perfect outfit and standing alone by the stage. Although last year was ok because the show was in my hometown and my family and a friends were there.

So on with the hunt for the prefect dress!

I like this Peppermint dress from ModCloth, they have the cutest stuff. I think this one would be cute for Christmas, but I don't think I have time to get it here....

This is from the lookbook on ModCloth. I am in love with this whole outfit and hope that I can get the whole thing for my bday outfit! I've always wanted a feather headdress, and this mini one is sooo cute!
It's called the I Will Survive Dress, and I think its prefect for my 2010! I have so many plans this year, it's going to be good and I will survive and get everything taken care of!
What are your plans for new years? Any big goals? What are you going to wear?!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Is It Monday Already?

I'm not ready for it to be Monday. Yesterday I was sick all day, so I didn't get anything done. No homework, no crafting. I did watch a lot of movies and tv, which I never do. I saw Alice on SyFy which was crazy, and I watched Elf (my fav Christmas movie), and I watched Atonement and thought it was pretty good but sad.

I just finished making coffee and french toast, yummy. I really need to get out of the house and do a few things. I need to go by Chrome and pick up a pair of TOM's for a fun Christmas present I am working on. I need to go to Hodge Podge Design and look for some fun Christmas presents and a baby shower present that needed to be mailed last week since I didn't get to attend....Plus I need to hit up the record store, and grocery store....oh and the craft store, I can't seem to find the waxed linen thread I need to finish the journals from the RVA class....sigh...but mostly I don't want to get out of my pj's.

Truthfully, I wouldn't mind wearing this outfit, and running through a meadow with my mister and having a picnic....

(image Teen Vogue)

As I was blog hopping this morning I came across this pic. Not sure of the source there wasn't a link, but I would love to learn how to make one someday!

I have been working on these for a few days. This is from the RVA Autumn class. I'm making mine into sketchbooks for Clint's family, because they are all magical artists. I am tweaking the project to fit my needs, like making it bigger and stuff...I'll share more when I actually finish one!

Well I guess I should get around, I have work at 4. I need to open my advent calender and eat the chocolates...

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Sea Life Scarfs

I know this isn't the best picture ever, but I was excited that I finally finished it 100%! I haven't come up with the actual name of this scarf yet, but they look like something you would find underwater... I just finished knitting a pretty purple one, I just need to add on the finishing touches. These are going to be christmas gifts, but maybe after the holidays I will finally get my etsy up and running and put some in there.

What do you think? Would you wear my sea life scarf? PS Please ignore my pj's...

Friday, December 11, 2009


Today was my short day at work and I had lots of errands to run. When I pulled into the driveway, this cute face was waiting on me. He took the afternoon off to hang out and help me out with the errands and house cleaning. Sweetest boyfriend ever!

Ps This is us a few years ago riding a ferry to Vashon Island where Bill Gates lives. It was neat.

I need to get sewing on all the things I need to sew...(image from WeHeartIt)

I recently finished painting my Tom's from when they came and did this music festival that I didn't get to go to after ordering my shoes because of work...lol...I need to take better pics of them, but they are on my facebook...well a few pics...these are awesome and by Janel.
I was getting into the holiday spirit last week and sketched a little sketch...

Today Calleycakes came over and helped me with the Thrift Store Cowboys cupcakes for their 10 year Anniversary Show that is tomorrow! I think they turned out cute! The toppers can be found on Elsie's blog. The mustaches are perfect for these guys!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Liz Adams makes me Smile!

Today was a super long day at work, but tomorrow gets to be short. I can't wait to make cupcakes with CalleyCakes tomorrow! I still have lots of hand made gifts to make, so I need to get on that too. I need to make a master list so I will quit forgetting all the good gift ideas I had!

Liz Adams is an awesome illustrator and has been super inspiring! I really like her knitting girls and holiday girls! And I almost want a tattoo of the squirrel in the hot air balloon! I hope she updates her shop soon! Please check out and support her work!