Sunday, August 30, 2009

I'll Make This Quick

So even though I've had long exhausting day, and a sunburned face I decided to do a tiny post while I wait on the laundry. I'm trying to do like 3 years worth of laundry, and I'm super sleepy...ugh...on with the show!

My friend over at Pupples & Kittles makes the cutest things for animals! I want these 2 for my little puppies! I'm still working on that knitted dog sweater. lol

This lady's art work is amazing! Check out Gemma Correll on etsy!

I hope everyone has a good week. I know mine will be trying but I'll trudge through because its a new day. Good night bloggerland!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I was spinning free with a little sweet and simple numbing me.

I'm still in Jimmy Eat World Mode lol... This is the first weekend I've had off in ages! I have already slept most of the day away, it was awesome! C.Cakes is on the road home, and has a show tonight. I'm trying to decide if I want to go. If so this will be me:

And I wish I could wear this dress! Made by ouma. She also makes many other cute dresses, but they are way fancier than this little number!

Aren't this vintage shoes fab?! I want them but they had already sold, and I can't remember which vintage site I found them on, but I would totally wear them almost everyday! Makes me think Pride & Predjudice or Little House on the Prairie....sigh

I love how the skirt is really a mans shirt! Check it out at Ramona West.

Pretty picture of a pretty red cup. Red is one of my fav colors right now. My fav color always changes lol C.cakes oldest niece always asks me what my fav color is everytime she sees me b/c she knows it changes. She's just tooo cute!

LOL More ode to red! I think this is Ashlee Simpson but I'm mostly interested in the red ahir and red chucks. I love my red chucks that I found at Savers for $3!

Soooo I am in love with this vintage 80s prom dress from Bleubird Vintage. I think it would be cute shorter and to wear for engagement photos and whatnot. What do you think? It's only $90 if only I had that laying around that dress would be mine...muhahhaaa

Ok so I am loving me some pink party dresses right now this one is from Libemarlene Vintage

I saw this game in someone's flickr, but they didn't have who the artist was. I would really like to know, b/c this is amazing! Major eye candy!
I thought this dress was pretty and could be worn to something special. You can find it here with other pretties!

OMG! I need this lol but it was sadly sold out. I'm not sure where I would wear it, but I heart Hello Kitty! sewOeno makes some cuuuutttee stuffs!

More from Ramona West. Sadly this was already sold as well.

I love this folksey skirt with big pockets. Years later I still love things with pockets! I also like the combo of the loose see through tank. I was thinking of donning something similar tonight? This is also from Ramona West Vintage.
My new fav photo of all time. Not sure where it's from I found it saved on my computer, but if you are the one who came up with this idea mad props to you! DIY chanel paperbag purse!!! It makes my day seeing it! lol

I am in lovelove with the cupcake dress from sarah seven. It is sadly sold out. I wonder if she would do it in pink or white?! I'm wishing really hard right now! PS I love the vintage suitcase, I have a few of my own. oh and the tights, and this makes me wish for my blonde hair...sigh

Elsiecake can do no wrong! I am in love with this! Her 70s girls rock my world, but this in particular has me drooling over the cuteness! If her stuff wasn't so expensive I would totally buy this if it was ever put into her shop. But for now I'll just drool from afar....
This is another prettypretty dress! You can find it here on etsy. I think blue looks better on me, and this kinda has a ballerina/1920s feel to it. In lovelove! xo

RED boot alert! Must have red boots.....

Ballerinas are pretty. These would look cute in my casa.

If you didn't hear there was an RVA update this week. I want this kit, but sadly I'm broke...sigh

Another pink dress! This one from Bleubird. This would be a cute I'm getting married at the JP today dress. xo
Right now I am focused on getting my teaching certification and looking for a job not in retail. I found a job online that I could use my degree with. It's designing ads for the local newspaper. But I'm afraid I don't remember how to use the programs anymore since I haven't really been in the field in years. Also I have heard the paper is on its way out, but I wouldn't be there forever since I plan on being a teacher...ugh life is confusing...but I want to find a new job before Christmas time because retail and Christmas are definately bad news and I would like to spend the holidays with family for once instead of working. And well I'd like a 9-5er kinda job, so I can spend time doing the things I love! Anyone have any advice? xo happy saturday

Friday, August 28, 2009

It's a Jimmy Eat World Kinda Day

Good Morning, it's early. I couldn't sleep so I just got up because I was having weird dreams about work and I was wingardium leviosa-ing clothes and that's just wrong. I'm on round 2 of the Jimmy Eat World cd, it makes me all pumped up and gives me feelings of world domination. Good times. I didn't feel like getting dressed today, so I'm wearing a pair of C.cakes holiest jeans lol, and well my hair is just crazy. I need to dye it again. I've been missing my blonde hair, but everyone likes the red. Well I'm off to get a Nirvana at the local coffee house and read my book for my class and maybe knit. I'm off this weekend! I have lots of cleaning and crafting planned! WOOT!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Taco Tuesday Random Edition

I had a dream that while I was at work c.cakes organized my closet. It's a wonderful dream...Right now I'm drinking coffee and doing a load of laundry before I go to work. In more exciting news, I paid for my teaching certification courses and will start as soon as my payment is processed! Now on to the cute!

1. Hello Kitty/Toki Doki lighter. I may not smoke but it is super cute!

2. I like trees, especially in the fall. This one is made by Pretty Little Pendant

3. More wedding invites, these are by Katie Kirk. Super cute!

4. Hello Kitty dog bed! My puppies would love this, they have a thing for hello kitty and I'm not kidding.

5. Who wouldn't want to go camping in this cuteness?!

6. How cute is this?! Japanese art is a huge inspiration for my art, it is just soooo cute!

7. This bathroom was in my email this morning. I kinda like it. From CB2.

8. Now I'm bad and can't remember where I found this pic, but it was the entrance to a website. So if this is yours you rock and I'll find your website again!

9. A little vintage hello kitty....loves!

Friday, August 21, 2009

The Weird Thing About the World

So I am a huge fan of the Olsen Twins, and I read this amazing blog about their style called Olsens Anonymous. Yesterday there was a pic posted of MK leaving the gym, and she has on some blingin' sandals, blah blah....Well it doesn't really look like her in the pic, but hey she just got done workin' out, I know I'm not lovely sweaty but whatever. The comments people made on this post are sad. The blog is about what they wear not if a photo was taken at a bad angle, is she got fat or pregnant, or if she's is actually human; it's about clothes. Plain and simple. Those girls are just trying to live their lives, like everyone else should start doing instead of being all judgmental. Take a look at the post here

What are your thoughts on the matter? Does even looking at this blog perpetuate this hateful culture? If you were the blog moderator would you have deleted all the negative comments? Do you think MK has seen the negative feedback from this pic?

I think those girls have an eye for fashion and I wish I could afford the clothes from their 2 lines. Good luck in the future ladies! xo

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Fall Fashion

I look at fashion blogs almost as much as I look at crafty and wedding blogs. One of my favs is Sally Jane Vintage. I always want to buy the things in her store, and her outings and photos look so fun! She also has the prettiest cherry blossom tattoo. Well on her blog this morning was a line by Vivetta. I'm always wondering what I should wear as an art teacher when I finally get my certification. I think these ideas are cute, very Parisian and cute cat lady lol!

This collection is by Dear Creatures, and their concept was 1960s girl scout, tee pees, and science. I love all the back drops. Their clothes look like something I would wear as a teacher too! I was never a girl scout, but I always wanted to be one! And I love cute little indians.

What is your inspiration for fall fashion?

apocalyptic tuesday....errr whatever today is

This pic is kinda how I feel feels like an apocalyptic tuesday around here...A couple months ago I was walking into the mall wearing a cute sundress, and this lady yells as me to get a tan. I turn around and she's pointing yeah you and then jumps in her ghetto-mobile and drives off like the jerk she is. It kinda hurt my feelings, even though I usually don't care what others think. It seemed strange to me that a stranger would be so mean. I felt very self conscious after that, but after talking to my momma that night I got over it. But that crap keeps coming up in this weirdo town. Today I was wearing a sundress and walking around the mall in search of Red Bull when I pass by this group of teenagers, and this girl says 'her legs are sooo white' and her male companions start whisteling and cat calling me. I just ignored them and kept texting away not even turning around as they made to follow me. How strange?! Why would strangers with too much time on their hands care at all that I'm an incrediably white person, I'm white can't really help it unless I want to be a sunburned person. I think of all the other people who are fair skinned and wonder if they get made fun of as much as I do, in public, and by strangers? It never makes for a good day. Do pale celebrities get made fun of? even though they can afford a spray on tan?? lol silly...

I love Audrey Hepburn and Funny Face is one of my fav movies, especially when she dances! I remember when Gap made that commercial, they should bring the Audrey pants back!

I want a or some I should say Paramore tees. They are so fun and I can't wait for their new cd. I just watched the video of their first single off the record Ignorance. I think its funny how everyone thought her hair was all Gwen inspired, and then she goes on twitter and says its Bjork inspired...Hayley rocks!

I listen to Tegan and Sara a lot, more than a lot! I love their music! I think at SXSW I saw one of them through a window somewhere, can't be sure....

I saw this pic on Olsens Anonymous, and I really loved it.

I saw this pic of Kiera Knightly on a wedding blog, something about not wearing a white wedding gown...well I just thought it was lovely and I heart her, I can watch Pride & Prejudice a million times!

A couple days ago I went and saw Ponyo, the new Studio Ghibli film. It was adorable I loved it like I love all his movies

Lol more on Hayley from Paramore....I liked this pic. My hair is that color somtimes. PS she is pale, I don't see the big deal...

Inspiring Bjork hair alert!!!!!!

Signs there may be an apocalypse approaching:
*the entire mall runs out of Red Bull
*Taco Bell runs out of Taco Sauce?!
*i'm out of ice cream
*i can't find my brown tights
*i saw someone use their blinker today

lol I hope tomorrow is better, well it should be if i get some sleep. I do this things where I'm afraid I won't wake up for work on time so I wake up and keep checking my clock and the alarm. maybe I should just set 2 alarms?

people may be wondering why tuesdays are bad, if you ever watched buffy the vampire slayer you would understand. and in my world tuesdays are worse than mondays, but better in a way because tacos are cheap on tuesdays at rosa's. my world revolves around tacos

graphxgrrl had this really awesome post about art, and issues i've been dealing with! i like the idea of the cupcake movement...its an interesting concept in its own way....i've been watching too much ouran lol...but neway what do you think about art and originality? it is something i stuggle with....goodnight wishes