Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Product Review: Rock&Candy and Fydelity

Life is getting back to normal, and I'm trying out new products. I loved shopping at Pacsun when I was in high school, and now I've technically worked there for about 2 years, and I still love the stuff. I work in a test store which means we get the new stuff first to see how it might sell, and if it does well then all the stores get it...yeah we're special.

We recently got some Rock & Candy flats in. They are similar to Toms, but with a thicker sole that doesn't seem to wear out as fast and at 1/2 the cost. I bought the southwestern-y ones. I definitely recommend them! They come in fun colors, so head over the the website and take a look.
We also received Fydelity boom box bags. I have a small clear-ish neon pink one. You hook up your iphone(or whatever) and it has a small amplifier and your music plays through the speakers. Their website was super fun, and they carry some rad bags. I'm a huge fan of the vintage-y blue one at the bottom. What do you think? Would you carry a boom box bag?

Taco Tuesday: Braids

I love braiding my hair, no matter what length it is. Recently I've been donning two side braids pinned up in the back. My hair is short and layered so it looks kinda messy, but I like it that way. I've gotten tons of compliments on it, and its super easy! So here is my ode to braids....

What is your go to look for summer? Tried anything rad with braids? I sometimes like to braid my bangs to the side and wear my hair down. Over at Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno, they did a cool video on braided hair for SXSW.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Keds Shoes: What Would You Choose?

One of the perks of getting an artist wrist band at SXSW this year was free swag (which I like to call stuff). Clint and I hit up the madness that was the American Apparel Flea Market, and I scored a card for a free pair of keds shoes. I just have to go to the website and pick out a pair. I definitely need some help deciding.
This green pair is part of their organic line.
I'm a big fan of this pair named for Austin. Or I thought I could just get a plain pair and paint them like I did my Toms. They had some really rad displays in Austin, but none of them are on their website. So head over to and tell me what shoes you like best! They are also having a contest, that I thought about entering....maybe you should too.

I found a few other Keds that I liked, and also found the ones from SXSW on the site. Here are a few more of my favs....
I ended up going for the leopard pair since I have been wanting them for a while now! I can't wait for them to get here!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fill In The Blank Friday

1. My most prized possession is my vintage wedding dress. It was an awesome find. I also have another dress that my husband and I call my wedding dress. He bought it for me in Austin a few years ago at a vintage store. I talked him into it by saying I would get married in it. I like to wear it for special occasions .

2. If I could be one age for the rest of my life, I would want to be the age I am now. .

3. The best way to spend a weekend is hanging out with friends and the husband eating cupcakes, drinking coffee, and watching movies .

4. My outlook on life is hard to explain lol but I try to go with the flow and not take things too seriously .

5. If you want to annoy me, just be rude to others. For instance, we were in Austin at this neat diner and had to sit outside and share a picnic table with a bunch of rowdy people. They were super rude to the waitress multiple times. I asked the dude that sat us if he could get us a table inside. I just couldn't take it anymore. What was worse is those mean people made fun of us as we got up to leave. I can't stand people like that! .

6. I am completely defenseless when it comes to cupcakes .

7. When dressing for the day one should put on deodorant. I always have to remind my hippie husband. .

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Find Your Inner Rockstar

Today I woke up feeling like a rockstar(with that Ke$ha song Tik Toc stuck in my head) and wanted to inspire you to find your inner rockstar with some fashion DIY and hair product reviews.


I recently stumbled upon this amazing fashion blog Sincerely, Jules. Her post today inspired me to DIY some cut off boyfriend shorts. She has super amazing style, so check her out.

Another fun DIY comes from . It looks super fun and easy. Definately a look I would rock. Now I just need to hit up some thrift stores to find the perfect trench.

Product Reviews

I am a super huge fan of TIGI products. When I used to hair model for Toni & Guy, my stylist used their products in my hair and I love the smell and effects. I recently took this dry shampoo with me to SXSW and it was a lifesaver! I had been looking for a dry shampoo and the girls over at Mucho Bueno Bueno recommended TIGI. It has an awesome citrus smell and doesn't turn my hair all white and crazy like some other brands I've tried.
Yesterday I grabbed some TIGI Rockaholic Born To Rock Leave in Detangler. I am really bad about not brushing my hair and mostly because I have tangly hair, break brushes, and I like the natural waves my hair does if I don't. But somedays I need to get a brush through my crazy mane and it's just impossible. I can't wait to see what this stuff does. I'll update you guys with my progress and hopefully one less broken brush/comb.
What makes you feel like a rockstar?

Monday, March 21, 2011

SXSW recap

After 12 hours of sleep I feel a tiny bit recovered from SXSW. Here are a few highlights from my trip to Austin. I'm sure I'll find more pictures to post throughout the week.

Outdoors at the Ramble Creek Party where I saw Thrift Store Cowboys and One Wolf.

I finally got my Hey Cupcake cupcake. I got strawberry! I wish we had one here.

This is me and Clint waiting to watch Bright Eyes. We looked around some booths, got free swag, and had tacos and margaritas.

Here are a few more shows we caught that we also amazing. Ps I couldn't get a pic of The Stokes or Bright Eyes, I was too far away.

Here I'm outside Nest. They had the coolest/most expensive modern furniture.

I was super stoked to wander around Anthropologie. Here's a couple cute things:

Wandering around town:

We ate at this 24 hour diner by the same name. It was very modern industrial, and had the best organic food. They should expand to Lubbock.

I ended up at the Barton Creek Mall for a visit to the Apple store. On the way out I spotted this Boba Tea shop. Trying bubble tea is on my bucket list. I tried strawberry and it was yummy. I hollered from the top of the escalator like a crazy person when I saw the sign lol.

There was lots of walking, sweating, being lost, and having fun! If I go next year, I think I'll prepare better, get a hotel downtown, and take a pedi-cab.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Sxsw Arty Stuff: Day 1

I'm wide awake having visions of coffee and everyone else is snoring away. Yesterday was an awesome first day! We arrived at 2am, almost went backwards off this hilly drop off trying to park, and then crashed out like kindergarteners. I got a wristband thanks to Pearl! So I've been able to get into anything. TSC had 3 shows yesterday and I saw The Strokes and Devotchka. It was pretty wild. Let's see what adventures we have today. I'll leave you with some arty pictures I took around town.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Taco Tuesday, I Know It's Wednesday Edition

Today is the day that I leave for Austin. I still haven't packed. My closet exploded all over the bedroom and the suitcase is still empty. I am enjoying a cup of coffee (mocha cappaccino) and getting inspired.....

I'm not sure what fashion show this is, but I love how the colors fade into each other. Last night my husband helped me re-dye my tips blue. This time I used shocking blue from manic panic, and it worked so well that part of my husband and the bathroom are blue. I'll post up a picture later when my hair is not sticking out all crazy because I went to sleep with it wet.

I recently discovered knee highs but I love a good hole-y tight. I have a few outfits I hope I get to rock at sxsw that require these things.

If only I had these my life would be complete! I would rock them with my Hello Kitty head backpack! I can't decide if I should take my HK backpack or not?

I heart Audrey Kitching! I am in love with that bag! I keep using it in polyvore posts. I would also love those chanel flats. This reminds me I still need to paint my nails. I still haven't decided on the color? What is your fav color this season for nails?

I'm hoping while I'm gone I'll be able to post some Photo Diary posts of pictures I'm taking around town with my phone. If not I will hopefully be back on Sunday....Happy Spring Break!