Monday, September 28, 2009


My bf just sent me this pic, but he's not in it lol. This is his band, they are on tour right now, I think in Seattle on their way to Utah today. He took it with his iphone and it looks pretty awesome! He said that's a real VW the troll has. What an amazing piece of artwork!

I've been trying to clean my casa up today. My pile of clean laundry had become a mountain again so I tackled that, and now I'm washing more laundry lol...I have too many clothes. I also plan to clean up my studio so I can be productive in there again!

The weather is nice, I sat outside and drank my coffee when I finally got up today....I heart fall...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Vintage snippets...

I happened upon a few vintage magazine snippets from things in my house that I had scanned and played around in photoshop with. I am thinking about making some of the stuff into fun prints like this one here:

(PS Please do not steal my images. And please ask permission before borrowing and please give proper credit, thanks)

What do you think?

This image I just put some color to for my twitter background, and I like how some of it is still grey. I have lots of other images to do fun things with, I forgot that I scanned them in so long ago. Hopefully I can get some things going to be put up in my etsy store. Well I need to get in bed b/c Loki is getting they are so demanding...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

my living room needs come color

here a few quick pics of my living room i'm trying to decide what color to paint the walls...any suggestions?

ps pics taken with my iphone...sorry

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Taco Tuesday Second Breakfast Edition

Good Morning and second breakfast! I'm enjoying my pumpkin spice w/caramel latte and dreading even getting ready for work. This time of year I just want to hang out at home, knit, read, drink coffee, and walk around my back yard because the weather is so nice.

I just got home from visiting my momma and my lil preggers sis! It was fun we went to some thrift stores and I found some really neat stuff that I hope to take pics of soon. It rained a lot and we just hung out.

I have recently become addicted to the Sookie Stackhouse novels and TruBlood on HBO. But I've been good about limiting my time to get other things done!

I have such a long to do list and I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot:

1. Write an essay for my class!
2. Finish the app I've been working 2 days on for a bank job!
3. Clean my house!
4. Supposed to be working on training packets for my current job...balaahh.
5. Figure out how to get my comforter cleaned...thanks duo...
6. Start working on Christmas presents
7. Make cute stuffs for my etsy store
8. Clean up my studio so I can function in there again
9. Pick a paint color for at least one room in my house, maybe the living room
10. Paint some art work to go on my walls...I have some ideas that involve fall stuffs!

I am also waiting on this to come in the mail! I can't wait!!!!

And of course the Autumn class started today!!!! The first project is up and I actually have the stuff to do it, now I just need to find the time! I think I'm going to make one for Avery and Canyon! Too many babies being born at the same time so now I have to make double the stuffs! lol....

What's on your to do list? What are you having for second breakfast? LOL! xo

Monday, September 7, 2009

My Favorite Etsy Store!

One of my fav etsy stores is Madame Cupcake. I have purchased several cutie pie things from her and blogged about her on my old hacked blog. These are the items I purchased today (I am addicted to bags of any kind and these are just too cute!!!) and can't wait to get them in the mail! Please visit her shop! xo

P.S. What is your fav etsy store?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fridays are for Funnel Cakes

Well today has been a pretty lazy day off. I have done all of my laundry, but now it's in a big pile to be folded...LOL I always do that, and it takes a team of bulldozers to help me out. I bought some cute stuff at Target for Baby Avery, more on that in a sec. I tried to do some homework. I sneezed a lot. I made some yummy dinner. I plan to do some crafting this evening....but first cute stuffs!

1. Love is in the air print by the poppy tree. Just too cute! I love the tandem bike and well just all of it!

This one is also by the poppy tree. Who doesn't love a cute panda, who also happens to like milkshakes? xo

2. This is from sara seven, I've blogged about her before. This is just a pic on her special listing for someone, but I lovelove all of it!
3. This is how I feel a lot recently lol from pretty little thieves

4. This is from Cath Kidson, her online mag is just too cute! I wish that was my kitchen!

5. I actually own this bag. I wanted it because it reminded me of all the Lisa Frank stuff I had growing up. You can get it at
6. Red Keds = dream come true...
7. I thought this dress was pretty. From

8. I'm in lovelove with this destressed jeans.....drool...
9. Do I need another bag, no. Do I like this pretty blue bag, yes.

10. Some pretty Dwell Studio stuffs for Baby Avery! Not sure if the sis likes it, but I think it's cute!

11. I actually bought this today, isn't it adorable?! Baby Avery is going to be the cutest kid on the planet!
I also got this for baby avery at target, the little hood has bear ears!!

In a week i'm going to go hang out with my momma and lil sister. Can't wait for a vacation from whoville here....I know it's a holiday weekend, but i get to tell me about all the fun you'll be having!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Taco Tuesday Gettin' It Done Edition

Happy Taco Tuesday! This post will be pretty short because I'm sleepy and not feeling well. But I did manage to get a few things done after work.

1. I just listed a print of my original painting 'Suitcase Heart' in my etsy store so check it out!

2. Which means I finally got the printer working and have been printing the reading material for my lessons and just used up all the ink....ooppps...

3. I burnt dinner, but it still tasted pretty good.

4. I am almost done with another cute item for my etsy store that will be up as soon as its finished. (Clue: Has to do with Crosby.) I can't wait to make the series I have in my head!

5. I finished one pink scarf and I am starting on another!

6. Started Lesson 2 in my teaching classes! Woot!!

I have to go to work early and do lots of things. It is Coco's b-day so there will be dinner...oh man I forgot about his present....well maybe that vanilla nesquick will be enough?

What have you accomplished today, this week, this second???? What will you accomplish tomorrow?