Sunday, June 21, 2009

Weddings on the Brain

So the Mr. and I have talked about getting married for a while, and we still don't know when LOL. But recently, especially since my sister is having a baby and all that and we went and looked at diamonds, I've been thinking about it!  So here is a picture of my dream ring:

This is my actual wedding dress (yes I already have one):

Its a very magical dress! I had forgotten how much I loved it!

Here is a pic of some wedding hair I like, but i might just do a half up do depending on how long my hair is, but I love the 1920's look.

Next I want an Alice in Wonderland theme:

I love this movie! I also have the book, which I'm about to read again! This theme is just so whimsical, fun and cute...just like me and the mr.!

I can't wait to have a cupcake cake, and each little cupcake says "Eat Me"
Here are a few examples of invites. I like the pastely theme, but I like the through the keyhole look too...

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GraphXGrrl said...

I like the top invite better because of the playing card look. Also, you should have the groom wear a mad hatter style hat!