Saturday, June 2, 2012

Kanye, Elvis, Hello Kitty and Cheese Balls

This week I patiently waited for my 2 days off so I could visit my family.

I snuggled with puppies...

Went to work (do I look pregnant?)...

I checked my mail and did a happy dance that my Sucre record finally came...

Then I travelled to San Angelo and saw a little girl who likes Hello Kitty (just like me)...

Doesn't she look like my mini me?!

I got to hug and play with Captain Edie. She's so cute and squishy.

Go shopping with the little sister.

Eat this 'queso' which was disguised as a cheese ball at The

Hang out downtown and have a
Root beer float at Sassy Fox. Ps that's Elvis.

On the way home this popped up on my shuffle and I was a ghetto superstar all the way home.

The End.

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