Monday, July 20, 2009

hello monday

Hello Monday. Lots of things have been going on! My mom came and visited and helped me clean out my garage. I had a garage sale and now I can park my car in the garage! My mom also helped me hang up some stuff around the house, so now it looks like I actually live here and not out of boxes. Thanks Momma! 

1. I love these bullhead crescent leggings! They are so lightweight for the summer heat and are super comfy! 

2. In the mail yesterday I got the RVA journals that have been going around! I can't wait to get started, its next on my to do list!
3. This past week was also Kara's Music + Composition journals class. I started on mine this is the back:
This is the front:
4. Here is the new addition to the family. We're still trying to come up with a name for the little guy. Right now I'm calling him baby bear lol. We were thinking of a name similar to his brothers or maybe Dex, or Ronon

5. The color of my hair! My mom hates it but I really like it! The other day I got told I looked like MJ from the Spiderman movies lol...
6. Last week or maybe the week before that I downloaded Acid Tongue by Jenny Lewis. I heart her.

7. We have a new store in mall that has tons of Hello Kitty stuff and of course I'm addicted. I happened upon this guy his name is Pandapple! I got some stickers!
8. More Hello Kitty goodness! I'm not sure if I've already talked about these things, but oh well! I love love Hello Kitty!

9. While cleaning out the garage we found this Deer Tick cd! I also found a vinyl of a Calexico & Amor Belhom Duo. 

10. Also in my garage I found my favourite sweater! It is the one pictured here on the 3rd girl from the left! It is one made by Erin Fetherston when she did the Go! International line for Target. When I was hunting for a pic I wished I had bought more of her stuff! I did buy 2 other dresses though, but I want more!
On her web page there are lots of pics and vids of Zooey Deschanel modeling her stuff. Here they are here after a show! too cute! 

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