Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Random 10

I haven't really had much to blog about since I've been working like a mad woman. This week I've been working on the RVA journals and will mail them to the next gal on Monday.  But right now, here are some things that caught my eye...

1. This TokiDoki wallet with Hello Kitty. It costs a fortune but oh so cute. 

2. I contemplate tattoos all the time, but I am too chicken to get one. This one is lovely!

3. I really, really want these red TOM's

4. This is free sublime stitching pattern I can't wait to do!
5. This felt totoro makes me sooo happy! I found this on flickr, but now I can't find the link...

6. This pic rocks my world!

7. I really wanted to buy this movie yesterday and I didn't. I remember having it on tape and the vcr eating it! I may go buy it today anyway!

8. I heart this movie! I watched it last night with the puppies. Makes me want to read books about the Romanov's and Russia. 

10.  I've been listening to this cd non stop! check it out

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