Saturday, July 4, 2009

Because there's fireworks!

I hope we get this jacket at PACSUN. It's the jacket that Bella wears in new moon and its super cute! I hear people are buying them and then selling them on ebay for lots of money. LOL seems silly when you can just buy it online for $60.
I am in LOVE with this Chanel bag. I will probably never be able to afford one, but I love it!This picture makes my day everytime I look at it. Aren't llama's amazing? I really would love to find a pink llama stuffed animal, I've always wanted one. Maybe I will make my own lol.
This top is from It was called the art teacher top or something like that and I was like that is going to be perfect for me someday lol.
I really love love this swimsuit from Orla Kiley. I haven't bought a suit this year, but if I was going to I would want it to be very retro and cover my bum.
Everyone who knows me knows I love Hello Kitty. This sweater can be found at and if anyone would like to buy it for me as a gift I'm not complaining. 

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