Monday, September 28, 2009


My bf just sent me this pic, but he's not in it lol. This is his band, they are on tour right now, I think in Seattle on their way to Utah today. He took it with his iphone and it looks pretty awesome! He said that's a real VW the troll has. What an amazing piece of artwork!

I've been trying to clean my casa up today. My pile of clean laundry had become a mountain again so I tackled that, and now I'm washing more laundry lol...I have too many clothes. I also plan to clean up my studio so I can be productive in there again!

The weather is nice, I sat outside and drank my coffee when I finally got up today....I heart fall...

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kimi said...

that is totally neat!

i hate laundry! i wish i had a maid to do it :)