Friday, December 2, 2011

Today is for PANDA Sweaters and Puppiness

Today I am trying to enjoy the little things because I know once I get to work it will be a tad stressful...but I'm trying to take it all in stride. 
Things that have made my day so far:
waking up and turning the Christmas trees on
making coffee and drinking out of my Christmas Cindy Lou Who mug
being able to wear my PANDA sweater (pic above)
Loki trying to steal my pink uggs (he likes pink things)

What is making your day today?

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Angie said...


Making my day is: lunch (I'm not sure what lunch will be yet, but Jen's parents surprise us with something every Friday,) a huge goal list, a warm cup of coffee and Motrin... Lol.

Aria Belle said...

Staying bed and watching Project Runway and surfing the web until noon. Yes, I have to go to work too today :( haha,
4-5 weeks until the holiday season is through.