Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fill In the Blank Friday

1.  Today is a good day because   I got my brakes fixed and oil changed (thanks to T making me), and I got Clint a new phone since his was so old even the pixels were dying   .

2.   The best thing I did all week was   eat yummy fondue    .

3.  The current weather is     windy, probably       and it makes me feel     glad I am inside   .

4. The best thing about spring is     all the cute clothes! Hello sunnies, hats, and sandals .

5. A fashion trend that I'm dying to try out for spring is  braids, especially fishtail braids. I plan to watch some YouTube tutorials soon .

6. A person who made me smile this week was   my friend Heather b/c she's always funny and I'm sad she missed out on the festivities this week...but we'll have more fun soon!   .

7.  The most delicious thing I ate all week was   everything at Funky Door! We went there for T's bachelorette party and had a blast! They have fondue, and this yummy squash lasagna .


Miss Riss said...

It is always better to be inside when it's windy!! New follower here! Found your blog through Friday's link-up! Your blog is adorable!! =)

Dez said...

I hope I get to upgrade my phone someday. It's truly old. It's not a smartphone it's a dumb-phone. Flip phone. A dinosaur....I call it "Dino-Rang". :)