Sunday, August 2, 2009

While Everyone Was Napping

This week had been pretty darn good. There has been so much inspiration! I started painting again this week, and soon I will show what I've been working on. Until then, here are some images that have made my week!

2. This vintage ad for toothbrushes.

3. Twinkie Chan! This pic made my day!

4. ladybastard harajuku's photostream and new paintings

5. Aerie. I love going in there! It's adorable! This is my fav purchase this week!

6.  Panda's! I love this painting by Elsie*Cake!

7. I want these shoes from UO sooooo badly!

8. Peter Pan. I want to go rent this tonight and watch it! I want Peter Pan Vintage wallpaper for my bathroom.

9. ladybastard harajuku's tats are sooo lovely! I wish I was brave enough to be this bad ass!

11. This freaking awesome hat from UO!

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