Saturday, October 3, 2009

I and Love and You

It's 1 am around here and the puppies are passed out and I'm still awake. I just finished a sewing project! But I'm tired so here we go:

Hopefully this will be me soon....back to blonde.....I miss my blonde hair....

I bought this cd today and I love it. It's pretty chill.

I also bought this cd on my pumpkin spice latte run this morning, and it's amazing. I saw them at SXSW and a lot of the songs they rocked out to are on this cd!

I am anticipating this cd! Sainthood by Tegan and Sara! I'm sure it will be awesome like all their other cd's!

I like these plaid flats from Gap. Very fallish.
I made a pair of these DIY saddle shoes. Make your own by following these instructions from Bleubird.

I dunno where I got this pic, but I love it! Red is one of my fav colors, but maybe not for my hair lol.

This shirt cracked me up. One of my old roomies loved Neil Young...but that model looks mean like a zombie wearin make up and she's gonna eat your

I love this shirt and the grey hurley one below it. I own them and they are comfy...

I want this shirt....

I made this today. It took me all day but I did it and I love it. I am going to make more for people for christmas gifts!

Loki just started barking lol and scared poor little Duo. I'm going to work on some puppy sweaters for them soon. I am still trying to make granny squares...better luck tomorrow...

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