Monday, June 7, 2010

Hello Monday

It's Monday again. I'm enjoying my second cup of coffee...hmmm. Yesterday I cleaned and cleaned and now my house is even messier?! Not sure how I always manage to do that? LOL. I have become addicted to watching the BBC tv series Merlin on Netflix. It is terrible in a I can't stop watching this show way lol...I heart BBC. I did manage to clean out my closet and give a bunch of clothes to calleycakes. That girl never goes shopping anywhere but my closet lol. I am still on my ramen/ Nutella diet...its sad and I can't wait for fajitas on Sat. We're having a BBQ when Cap'n T gets here! Anyhoo, Happy Monday ! I am off to study before I hit the shower and get ready for work. Ciao!


Carrie said...

I haven't watched Merlin yet but have been wanting to I am addicted to Supernatural!

have a great day


Cat said...

Haha I do that too, I always want to deep clean and end up digging stuff out to sort and then get bored and it's messier! Hope you have a lovely Monday! And yay for fajitas, I get sick of the same food over and over REAL QUICK!


Cat said...

I just saw you added my new blog button! Love! :)

Lindsay said...

mmmm Nutella... I could see getting tired of it though if that and ramen noodles is all your eating. Fajitas so sound yummy, I may have to cook some up!!! I need to think of new food ideas!!!

Mrs. Miller said...

i want to watch supernatural! its in my cue...