Thursday, May 5, 2011

Brownies for Breakfast

Clint and I made brownies the other night, and they were the prefect thing for breakfast this morning. I wish brownies were a cure for the ringing in my ears. But I think I'm slowly getting better! (fingers crossed). I may have gotten Clint sick, he seemed kinda whimpy and sneezy this morning.

In other exciting news, my garden is growing! I have tons of carrots popping up, as well as squash, cucumber, and eggplant. My herb garden on the other hand is super dead.

I really, really need to go to the eye's on my list of things to do this month, along with get my oil changed....

Happy Thursday!


Angie said...

I may... or may not... have had some Ben & Jerry's for breakfast, haha! Brownies, mmmm, I love home-made brownies!

We've wanted to garden, but it's still way.too.cold. Apparently Mother Nature is overlooking Utah. ;.;

I hope you feel lots better very, very soon!

Brooke Ann Dove said...

Mrs. Miller, you may have a green thumb after all. It's such a shame that I kill everything green. Sadface.

Mrs. Miller said...

lol well i'm the girl that can kill a cactus, it may mr. miller who has a green thumb....sadly...but i helped!