Friday, September 21, 2012

Cribs: Amelia's Nursery (so far)

 My husband has been hard at work on Amelia's nursery. I just feel like the design consultant. 
(bedding from Zutano, purchased at Cup of Tea Baby)

 My poor husband went and picked up the heavy wooden crib his mom and I picked out, which he then dropped on his foot, ripped his TOMS, and broke a toe. But the crib was fine....
(The crib is Young America.)

 My friend T and my MIL helped pick out some fabric, and my MIL made these amazing curtains. The picture doesn't do them justice, they are super cute!

 Even though making the wall art for the nursery is on my to do list, I couldn't pass up this cute canvas that was half off at Hobby Lobby. It matches perfectly!

 Duo loves Amelia's room, I am sure he will spend lots of time with her playing and playing. While Loki hides...

I finally got around to framing the sonogram pictures. We haven't put shelves up yet, so they're just hanging out in her crib.

I'll share more as the work progresses!

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