Sunday, September 2, 2012

That's What She Said Sunday

My bedroom looks like it could qualify for an episode of hoarders. At least it's clean laundry. I told my husband it was his fault for not helping me clean out my 'stuff' haha. The clock is ticking and I have lots of nesting and cleaning to do. 

Today is for working on bachelorette party invites, paintings, and maybe some other arty staying in my pj's. My only wish, is that Starbuck's delivered so I could have a pumpkin spice latte to motivate me!

What is your Sunday for?

PS I also wish Hobby Lobby was open today....I always want to go on Sunday's!


Aria Belle said...

The Dunkin Donuts Spiced Pumpkin is pretty good, possible substitute for you Starbucks cravings, while definately saving some change since the entire bag costs about the same as one cup of coffee there :)
Add a little pumkin spice sprinkle to the grounds to kick it up a notch ^^

Mrs. Miller said...

@Belle I think I tried and liked the dunkin donuts pumpkin last year or the year before...i need to check it out again b/c saving money is where it's at in the house with baby Amelia Gray on the way! then i could just make coffee now and not just think about it all day....xo