Friday, September 21, 2012

Dressing My Baby Bump

Me and Amelia have been rocking some preggo style this week. She seems to get bigger each day, and dressing her is a challenge. Warning: iphone pics ahead, someday I'll get a real camera.

Leggings: Preggers, Sweater: Roxy, Scarf: gift, Socks: Pink VS, Boots: Target
Belly Couture is my BFF, I find the cutest and most affordable things there. This tunic is one of them (so I bought it in 2 colors). I also think I can continue wearing it after Amelia arrives.

Scarf: Hot Topic, Cardigan: thrifted, Dress: Culture Clothing, Tights: DKNY,  Flats: Lucky
If I could, I'd probably wear this dress everyday. This was my 'game day' outfit for work.

Hat: Vans, Blazer: thrifted, Baseball Tee: Pacsun, Maternity Jeans: Belly Couture, Boots: Docs thrifted
It was definitely a hat day, and it was nice to dress more laid back than usual for work. 
PS maternity jeans are super comfty, so don't lie to yourself when its time. 

Denim shirt: Pacsun, Tunic: Belly Couture, Leggings: StyleMint, Flats: Pacsun
These StyleMint leggings are super comfy and very fun!

Dress: Belly Couture (from my MIL)

This is my fancy, comfy preggo dress. We were leaving the grocery store last night and I made Clint take my picture with the pumpkins haha. I love pumpkins! He said it looked like I was trying to steal one!

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Angie Bailey said...

Oooh! I love all of these, they're really put together well however that second outfit is just perfect! LOVE IT!