Wednesday, February 17, 2010

That just frosts my cookies!

Today I have had 2 cups of tea, toast with strawberry jam, and a grilled cheese sandwich. Speaking of sandwich, I had the hardest time spelling that word when I was younger and to this day still question myself haha...

I talked to my lil sis for a while today on the phone, I should get to see her and Baby Avery on Friday...yay.....

I am working on some homework, my goal is to figure out the answer to this last question and turn in this assignment TODAY! I can do it!!

I feel like watching old movies that me and Ash used to watch back in the day.

I had a weird obsession with Troop Beverly Hills.
1. I was never in Girl Scouts. I think I went to one Buttercup(?) meeting with a friend. Not sure why I never got into it, but it never happened.
2. I am a huge fan of shopping, and when I was younger I always wanted to be someplace more exciting!
3. The whole camping thing, which I didn't really do until jr. high, but I don't think I'm the hugest fan of...but I like smores.

I also went through a Shirley Temple phase, which I now find creepy and can't watch her movies. But I still sometimes sing "...animal crackers in my soup..." and Clint is like what are you singing haha....

I am still very phasey as I put it, with most things. I will get a new cd and listen to it for months straight....months! I will only read certain kinds of books. For example, I went through an Anne Frank stage as a child, a Little House on the Prairie phase (that was insane ps), and I could keep going forever b/c I still do that today...can we say Sookie Stackhouse novels???!!! haha

I am also very phasey about the way I dress...I probably have the weirdest wardrobe lol but I somehow make it work.

Is there anything you are phasey about?


Porter said...

I'm soooo very phasey about music. Can't just pick one genere and stay there!

GraphXGrrl said...

I'm phasey with music & fashion too. Also with my artistic style.