Friday, July 23, 2010

Spider Homicide and Grocery Shopping

After dinner, me and my friends went grocery shopping because it's no fun doing it alone. When we arrived at my house an insanely apocalyptic sized spider had spun its evil web of doom and was trying to take over the world. But that's what me and my friends usually do after dinner, so we had to take that zombie spider down! After lots of squealing and jumping around (that's how you defeat 5 headed spiders) we conquered over the spider and took all its pocky...oh and saved the world (again).

I love to play cooking mama, whether its on my Wii or DS...I suck, but I still like to play :)
This looks like something I have to have! Do they have this in America?
I am obsessed with all things cute, especially Totoro's
HK cardigans are a must have! If only I was Japanese!
I love cardigans!
I want to make this cat bus cake! I think Clint would like it for his birthday.
Brave soul. That looks cute, but painful.
How neat is this?! I want to make granny squares so bad!

Other things: I am taking the Home Ec class!

Ps: So I had this crazy dream with Clare Danes in it. She suddenly got amnesia and ended up in Vietnam where she was walking down a railroad track with a bike on her way to an underground casino?!

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