Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

If you are not wearing red today, shame on you!

I'm hoping to eat some yummy Chinese food in my red outfit and maybe go to Savers(that's our local thrift store of crazy). That's my big plan for the evening. Clint and I usually celebrate the Chinese New Year instead of Valentines Day! I think I will also have a Fruits Basket marathon tonight too!


Angela said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!! Jen and I celebrated early, with her making the most delicious stir-fry with chicken and beef, lots of delicious seasoning and stir-fry veggies. Plus fortune cookies. ^_^

Also, we have a Savers! I saw them the other day and we decided pretty soon we'll go check them out. Now that I read your post, they sound like a lot of fun. ^_^

Mrs. Miller said...

give yourself plenty of time to dig around. the one here is an epic time suck, but usually worth it! :)

sounds like a yummy dinner!