Thursday, July 19, 2012

Quit Your Day Job?

Today starts the first day of my stay-cation. I actually took off to go to Colorado with my husband and his band, but I decided a 10 hour drive in a van may not be the best idea for pregnant me. So it's me, the pups, and the baby bump. 

As I was cleaning out and organizing all the pictures on my computer, I came across this picture of me before I moved here and worked at a pottery studio. (I'm pretty sure my mom sister took this picture.) This picture got me thinking about jobs. I loved my job at the pottery studio and on my day off on Monday's I taught private art lessons. I never dreaded going to work, and even though I didn't make very much money I felt accomplished and happy. 

Clint and I have been talking lots about what were are going to do once the baby arrives. He really doesn't want me to work, and I want to stay home and be the best mom I can be. But then we have bills to think about, and I'd like to keep contributing so my husband doesn't feel burdened. 
I've been thinking of things I can do from home, and working on projects that make me happy. I'm hoping this will lead to a more permanent stay at home career doing something I love.  I also hope to one day, open up an art studio here in town and teach to those who have a passion for art. 

But for now, I'm working on writing my children's book, and working on lots of art related projects to eventually fill my etsy store with.

How did you transition to stay at home mom? Or did you return to work? Have you quit your day job to do your dream job?

I frequently read the quit your day job posts on the etsy blog. Anyone else do that?

Well time to get dressed and go watch the Katy Perry movie by myself....I hope I get the cool 3D glasses!

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Ashley said...

Umm I took that picture! And Im glad u are finally starting to think my idea of a job for u is the way to go :) staying at home gets hard sometimes when u want a break or just want to go to the bathroom by yourself but it's great to not miss out on any of their firsts