Friday, October 23, 2009

goodbye, hello

Well this past week, me and this little number got in a fight. The dress won the battle, but I clearly won the war....unfortunately. I loveloved this Erin Fetherston dress, size 1. So, goodbye....

I just finished recycling part of this dress because I was sad...but now I'm excited! I just cut off the cute bib/button part and sewed it onto one of my million tanks! I know it's not perfect, but I love it! My bf thinks it's bada$$! haha

Tomorrow, I plan to wear it with this crazy blazer! It's going to be the cutest outfit ever!

I feel like I've gotten so much done today! I finished all the invites. Made this stamp:

It's a little sketch I sketched! I love wearing my hair like that lol...from my Sailor Moon phase, that never went away.

What did you get done today?

My back and fingers are killing me so I am going to relax and watch Sidney White with some popcorn, and puppy companions!


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