Thursday, October 29, 2009

random iphone pic thursday

I lovelove my iphone! I use it for everything, and would probably not be able to function and go into a coma without it. Clearly while I am bored at work I like to take a picture of my outfit. I really should start doing it everyday, because there are some cute outfits I wish I had taken pictures of!

This one is from today! Hello! This sweater rocks you can get it here. Death Cab For Cutie tee is super old, but I'm pretty sure I got it at hot topic. jeans and shoes are from target.

This was yesterdays outfit. Knitted hat: Zumiez. Blazer: PacSun. Tank: Pacsun. Dress: old school gadzooks. Tights: F21. Shoes: payless/homemade. Hello Kitty necklace and dickies watch.

This outfit was from a few weeks ago. DC hoodie: pacsun. Plaid dress: F21. Tights: f21. Socks: Victoria's Secret. Boots: from Brooke

This photo was from even longer ago. Hat: F21. DC hoodie, tee, scarf, shorts, shoes all pacsun.

This outfit is from a few weeks ago too. Same sweater, v-neck, jeans: pacsun. boots: f21

Moving on to other random pics: lover boy babycakes in his cute sweater putting gas in my car.

My pal calleycakes and her puppy authur outside hobby lobby.

My scrappy-doo pup duo snoozing after a hard play session.

Loki looking a lot like duo looks now around christmas time.

Lenka at SXSW. I got to see her 2x and I loved both! ps she's adorable in person!

This lil baby doll I made named Crosby.

I have sooo many photos on my phone. I take the randomest pictures of red bull and food, and anything that catches my eye. What do you take pictures of?

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