Monday, April 11, 2011

Clueless Caffeine Monday

It's Monday, and I'm off today! I am still sporting my pj's and wasting the day away. I really need to finish my grocery list and do some shopping. I'm really just waiting on the mailman to bring me Netflix so I can finally finish the last disc of The Vampire Diaries. On a side note I've been feeling awful, and I'm not hungry but I eat because I know I'm supposed to and then I feel super yucky. I think it might be the caffeine (way too much coffee and Red Bull), and eating junk. So here's to detoxing and having a lazy awesome day....

gimme gimme! or I might can make that....I'll add it to my 'make it instead of buy it' list

I'm currently obsessed with Pikachu.

I love love llama creatures.

I have messy hair everyday!

I think donuts are cute. I would wear this everyday!
I'm not too sure about this....

I kinda want this tattoo, especially if the world is ending know live my life to the fullest and not worry that I will still have that Hello Kitty tattoo when I'm 80.

I love this movie! I need to buy it and/or Netflix it! I would rock this tank! I always wanted her closet and her jeep...I'm still waiting....


Angie said...

I love messy hair! ♥ I think the messier my hair is, the better. Also, cupcake flavored toothpaste? Hmmmm... And... I've never seen Clueless. Everyone I know raves about that movie, but eh!

And... PIKACHU!!! Did you see myself blog? I drew me as a Pokemon Trainer. ^_^

Carrie said...

I want a Hello Kitty tattoo too enjoy your day off :)