Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today I Will Hug All of the Kitties in the World!

thinking, thinking, thinking....
will i spill coffee on my white dress?
will i get coffee?
will clints family show up at my house?
i hope not, its a hot mess...
i had a dream i slept in a sleeping bag on the floor at a waterpark.
i found a pair of running shoes i like, but apparently they don't exsist yet.
Nike shouldn't have showed me the best shoes for my feet ever, in PINK, then make them unavailable?!
I think I looked into the future.
I have a laptop time machine.


Mrs. Biscuit said...

This is hilarious, and that picture makes my heart happy! I love it! =)

Happy Wednesday Mrs. Miller >^.^< Go hug those kitties and hunt down those future shoesies!!


GraphXGrrl said...

Omigosh, I need that as a poster for Alyse's room! haha