Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taco Tuesday: Profound Nightingale

Best profound piece of knowledge I've found so far this week.

I either need to learn to paint these, or buy some painted ones.

Maybe I'll have time tomorrow to re-dye my tips blue.

Life is a party.

How do I make these?

Dinner/Clint's birthday went well yesterday. I decorated the house with streamers and had a Harry Potter balloon bouquet made. Eric made some crazy yummy brownies, and Clint loved all his presents. Tomorrow is lunch with the family.

Today was about:
floorset at work
new merchandise
buying things i don't need
dungeons and dragons for dummies
red velvet cupcakes
new purse
conversations with calleycakes
painted nails
the mysterious city of gold
bubble baths
strawberry bagels
black butler
a want of these:

1 comment:

Aster Redfern said...

It was a good time=) Those are some crazy shoes there lady.