Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello April

It's already April. My husband's birthday is Monday and I already gave him his presents. I'm really bad at hiding things/keeping secrets from him lol. I just got him some records and a Mumford & Sons tshirt.

I've been planning my blogposts for the the week, but I've been working a ton and other life stuffs that I never make it to the computer. I need an ipad so I can just get things done whenever, like when I'm waiting in line for coffee.

This month I plan to get a bunch of projects done:

1. finish planting my garden (i planted my herbs already)
2. work on a logo design for someone :)
3. Make curtains for the house. ( I think I finally found some fabric I like)
4. Work on paintings/other arty projects
5. Finish reading the Vampire Diaries series and watching the show (I am addicted)

What are you looking forward to this spring? I need to ask off work for my anniversary....


alovelylittleworld said...

Cutieeee post. Love it!
Great goals too. I need to do some goal setting for sure.

I'm... said...

Jen and I are the same way with each other! I cannot keep a secret from her! If I get her something, I have a big grin on my face and look like a puffer fish trying to hide it! :P And than I'm like "SURPRISE!!!" ^_^

We want to plant our garden SO.BAD. but we learned last year that three or so 80 degrees day can and will turn into SNOW and our garden will die. :/

So we gotta wait and be sure!