Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cute Candy Attack!

Today I wore shorts with no tights, and no one made fun of me. Usually some crazy oompa-loompa like person makes fun of me for being white. And by oompa-loompa I mean like spray tan orange people. I had become super self conscious of how pale I am since moving here, and strangers making super mean comments, which is totally not me. So I gave myself a logical pep talk about how skin cancer/wrinkley free I am, etc., and mostly how I never care what people think so why start now! :)
I get mistaken for Kirsten Dunst a lot, and she's super pale, so I figure if she can do it so can I.

Today I hit up Sephora on my lunch break and all this cute Hello Kitty stuff caught my eye! I couldn't make myself buy any of it because it was kinda pricey, but cute.

Product review time: I love love Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. I have black and white checkerboard on now. I want most of the ones pictures here, but none more than the leopard. These cute polishes are hard to find in town, but I'll check online later.

Cute candy attack! I want to eat these now....

Sherri from Eisley blogged about dyeing hair. We're like hair dyeing twins separated at birth. I've never tried Special Effects (probably because they don't sell that brand around here), but until I can order it online I'll probably just get some manic panic. I'm hoping to talk my husband into helping me make my hair blonde, then pink. It should be an adventure since I usually go to the salon....wish me luck.


Angie said...

Hey, I'm often called "ghost" because I'm so freakin' pale. Personally, while I wish I was naturally tan (like my Italian wife!) I'm very proud being pale. Lithuanian and Irish pride, yo!

That Hello Kitty stuff is all kinds of uber, and oh I love the nail effects! I haven't seen 'em in the store yet and my nails are so short from being a gamer, but oh well.

The candy does look good and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for the hair dye! My dream is light blue hair a la Rei Ayanami, strawberry pink or bleached blonde with dark purple tips!

Mrs. Miller said...

i have super short nails too and they still worked :) i've dyed my hair every color under the sun, never gets old. :)