Tuesday, January 3, 2012

More for the New Year: Resolutions

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My husband and I have been talking about our New Year Resolutions. I always have a long list that never gets accomplished and mostly forgotten. My husband only had a couple things he wanted to work on/do this year, and is super realistic haha. Me, I've got a million things on my mind let's see if I can narrow it down.... 

1. Declutter the house. I have always been a pack rat (just ask my mom) and I want to keep everything. My husband is more minimalist and I would like to be too. So together we plan to work on de-hoarding our house (because I swear my sister has been trying to sign me up for an episode of Hoarders). My husband wants to clean out the garage and make it his man cave. I just want to get organized and get rid of stuff I don't need and use (especially clothes).

2. Save Money. I'm sure everyone has this goal, but I am the worst. Money burns a hole in my pocket, and I have a shopping problem. Even as I type this I'm thinking of those Stylemint tees I ordered and when they'll be arriving on my doorstep....This year, my husband and I would like to take a real vacation/honeymoon (yeah it's been almost 2 years and still no honeymoon). I also have some big expenses coming up with my teaching certification program, and I have a year to be financially stable to not work while I student teach.

3. Find a new job. I have been working in retail for long time, but I am unhappy and stressed. This year I missed out on a lot of important family stuff because of my job. So I am working on finishing my post bach teaching certification program and in the mean time looking for a job outside of the mall. My quality of life has suffered because of this promotion, and truthfully the money isn't worth it. 

4. Work on creative endeavors. I finally opened my Etsy store, but I haven't had much time to make more products (due to insane job). I have sketchbooks of ideas I would like to work on, and I have gotten so much positive feedback for more. I have made many goals I would like to accomplish in this area of my life, and it's important to me. I keep thinking if it's so important why do I keep putting it on the back burner? Not this year!

5. Do Yoga. Every year I want to be healthier blah blah blah. I narrowed it down to just trying to do yoga 3 times a week, and then we'll go from there. I'm not a gym kinda gal, but I like my Yoga For Indie Rockers dvd. I keep hoping that yoga will help with my stress and posture >_<

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

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Kristin said...

What good goals! We actually share a lot of the same for 2012; and I totally hear you -- retail kills all life ><;

Good luck!