Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Photo an Hour, or So...

I've seen tons of posts of people doing a photo an hour posts, and thought I'd give it a try on my day off the other day....I really didn't get very far before I got side tracked....

9am wake up and hop into my Pika-shoes.

10am Time for blog reading and coffee.

11am Time to make a to do list...most of it did not get done.

12pm Leftovers for lunch. Some kind of artichoke and shrimp pasta.

1pm Time to put on an Eisley record and do some cleaning.

2pm While cleaning, decided cute things needed to go in this cute container.

3pm I decided I needed to do a tarot card reading. It's always spot on.

4pm Time for puppiness!

5pm is all about doll parts.

6pm Time for tea and pocky...and here is where I got distracted. I started watching Boys Over Flowers, which is a Korean dramedy on Netflix and that was the end of my day. But it was a good day off. 
What do you do on your day off?

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Angie said...

LOVED. THIS. I plan on doing one on Friday - so I'll prob. post my results on Saturday. ^_^ Cannot wait!!!

Your pika shoes effing ROCK!!!

Kristin said...

Love your owl tea set! Hana Yori Dango is fantastic :D I didn't realize it's on Netflix!

Anonymous said...

Love your tea pot! It's so adorable! Shows I recommend.. Honey and Clover and Paradise Kiss :)