Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Things I am Love Loving

5 Things I am loving this week....

 1. 3D Nails. I want Hello Kitty ones so bad! But, I don't do fake nails and I'm not sure if you can do them on your real nails.

2. High Pony Tails. I've been wearing my hair like this recently, usually on the day before I'm going to wash my hair...I'm lazy, but it's cute!

3. Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion. My mom got me this for Christmas, and I'm really loving it.
 4. Butter London nail polish. I'm wearing some right now in the color Big Smoke, which is like a midnight blue. One of the main reasons I like this nail polish, "butter LONDON products are formulated without the use of the harmful ingredients like Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP or Parabens. butter LONDON was the first company to sell non-toxic nail lacquer in the United States." (source)

5. Safe and Sound, Taylor Swift featuring The Civil Wars. This song is on The Hunger Games soundtrack, and it's beautiful and captures the essence of the book. I really can't wait for the movie! I am going to re-read the books soon. This also introduced me to The Civil Wars, and I just downloaded their cd on itunes, check them out.

What are you loving this week?

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Angie said...

Ooo, I had NO IDEA about Butter London. I love their polishes! I haven't tried them myself, but a lot of my fav. ladies have! ^_^

Also, 3D nails! Holy wow. I can't believe 'em. I mean, that must take loads of practice and patience... I'd love to be a super skilled nail art artist one day!!!

Dez Schwartz said...

I don't think I could rock the 3D nails. I would break pieces off all over the place. haha

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Those nails look cool but I'd be very afraid of poking an eye out or scratching my skin open in my sleep. Not sure if it would work on real nails either.

Butter polishes look so appealing, especially the Christmas Collection, but I've never tried any. Am currently in an OPI phase;)