Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pop Culture: Hello Kitty

Everyone knows I am addicted to Hello Kitty! Hot Topic has been coming out with the raddest Hello Kitty Stuff! Here are a few of my MUST HAVES!

 I actually own these shoes of awesomeness, and they are super comfy!

 I still don't own a Hello Kitty swim suit, which is surprising since I tend to shop in the little girls section of Target. I think this one is cute and classy!

 This shirt makes me think of Spiderman, and who doesn't want to think about Spiderman?

I think these tights are amazing and this is my favorite color of blue! I think I could wear these everyday!

What are some of your favorite Pop Culture finds? Don't know? Check out Hot Topic's website, they have a huge selection!

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