Thursday, November 5, 2009

Random iphone pic thursday

Happy Thursday! I'm sleepy! The new barnes opened in the mall, and they have caramel brulee lattes at the cafe....yummy try one! Random pics from my iphone time!

1. This is a crazy panda sweater I found at a thrift store! As soon as it gets cold enough I'm totally wearing it! PS ignore my mess of a guest bathroom....ooopppss

2. This is me at work on Sunday....


3. I found these dress patterns at savers! I can't wait to try and figure this out...

4. Here is a little painting I'm working on...not completely done yet. I have a whole series of these guys sketched out...I haven't thought of a fun name for them yet...they are inspired by my cutie pie boyfriend...

****I took the pic down that I posted and can only hope that someone/anyone hasn't run with my current ideas and already begun to make money on them lol...but I'm not really kidding. I've decided to wait and post when I finish the series paintings and post the items in my shop with a big fat copywrite over the picture....sad but true...*****

5. This is me at work was a long day where I drank too much coffee and ended up eating my arm off I was so those awesome earrings are made by brooke ann dove

6. I'm ready for my close i lovelove my hair...

7. outfit today...

crazy cardigan thing-f21
jeans-banana republic

8. These pumpkins still need to be carved.....sad but true. ps how long has that paper been there? couldn't tell you, but i'm sure close to forever...

9. This tree is in my front yard and a pretty red color. It's brother is still spring green lol...i love fall...i'm glad I have trees that pretend its fall too!
What random thing do you have going on this fine Thrusday? I plan to eat some take out and watch the first disc of la femme oh and knit...

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