Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Taco Tuesday Let the Craziness Begin...

I have lots to do today, but I really wanted to fit in a blog....so here it is!

I plan to get some baking done today. I found this pumpkin bread kit at WallyWorld and I'm planning on making them into muffins. I also wanted to try this pumpkin cookie recipe. I love baking! C.cakes says I'm pretty good at it, and his family likes it when I bring cookies!

A major on my to do list is decorating for Christmas. I plan to make a wreath similar to this one that rachel made!

I am still working on crocheting, and someday I will be able to make a granny square. I love this bag!
I also love this skirt. You can find the pattern here.

I hadn't been on flickr in a while. Today I found some really pretty pictures.

If you are a fan of Eisley, then check out Sherri's photostream...she's too cute!

Thinking about babies...

Amy Butler has some cute bags....
Well that's all for now, I've gotta get on that to do list! Have a wonderful taco tuesday!

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