Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bow-licious Sunday

Being up and dressed before 11! go me! I have lots to do today, so I am getting ready to head out to run errands. I have work later after the mall closes because we're setting up our holiday floorset. So I have to get as much done as possible.

Today I'm wearing my fav earrings that I got from Aerie. They are just simple little black bows, but they don't make my ears all hot and itchy. I even fell asleep in them the other day!

I also lovelove this sweater. I got it at target in the little girls section for only $15 a while back, and I discovered it in my closet earlier this week. I like to shop in the little girls section because stuff is cheaper and cuter!

Well I've gotta jet! Have an awesome Sunday and wish me luck at the grocery store! LOL!

PS Notice the wall behind me is painted!! Yes we are starting to decorate finally. This color is called wasabi powder and its in the dining area!

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