Saturday, January 2, 2010

How Soon Is Now

So I was so tired I went to bed super early and got a full 12 hours of sleep. Sleeping is one of my favorite hobbies, and has been since college. LOL. I'm just catching up on emails and facebook, doing some much needed laundry and trying to clean up my house which looks surprisingly like this, but worse, i think...

This morning is was super foggy, but less yay b/c I really don't like driving in the snow/ice. I wish I lived somewhere that I could just walk to where ever I needed to go.

I had a lot of fun on my birthday even though I had to work, and then rush around to eat and get to the show on time. Loosing A Whole Year played first! They are a 3rd Eye Blind cover band, and I haven't seen them play since Halloween about 3 years ago. TSC went on next and the show rocked. At this show one of the girls I was with introduced me to this guy who is an art major at Tech. I guess she had talked about me before b/c he knew where I worked and I got this whole lecture on how I am another artist wasting their degree by working for 'the man' and he just went on and on. I guess as a kid in college, he doesn't understand the real world, but one day he will. One day he'll realize that he needs money to pay 'the man' back for all those student loans he took out to get that degree, and pay for a place to live that isn't with his parents, and a million other things that people in the real world understand and do everyday. He also had a single minded opinion about what is art. He was one of those people who like to go into the whole craft vs art debate, but I am not. LOL Truthfully I could care less, if you call it art, then it's art to you and that's all that matters. I don't understand why people want to label everything. Even when I was in a band, back in the day, when asked what kind of music is it? I would reply we're not into labels, it's just music. The funny thing about my encounter was that later in the evening after I'd quit paying attention to his rambling and focused on the show and he walked off , he came back with a birthday shot for me and then proceeded to follow me around with that dumb look on his face that boys get, and you know they're gonna ask for your number. So I thanked him for my shot, and hi-tailed it out of there! LOL. Boys are dumb.
Right now, I feel like I am going up hill but maybe I'm almost to the top LOL. I finally decided what I want to do, and I am working on it! This year I will finish up my teaching certification and find a job teaching. I wish I had realized this a long time ago, but I am glad I finally figured it out. I am working on my resume to find a different job that will afford me more time for my studies, art, and just time for myself and family. I really don't care about what it pays, b/c money isn't the issue here, it's time.

One of my new years resolutions is positive thinking! My mom preaches by this lol and my friend calley recently started too. Hopefully this will help with my current job situation, and make life a little bit easier? No hurt in trying! :)

So I am feeling like this: LOL, which is a good thing...

On a side note, I want this t-shirt. I heart The Smiths.
Hopefully before work I will be able to bake the cupcakes I've been meaning to bake for 3 days lol...
Final thought:
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