Wednesday, January 13, 2010

French Country Wedding

So I am sure everyone has heard the news, but Clint and I are getting married on May 1, 2010! Which gives US about 4 months to plan this shindig! We want it to be small with close friends and family. We are really laid back, so nothing fancy. I just wanted to share the plans we've made so far with some visuals...

My momma wants me to wear a fancy dress, but I'm leaning towards something vintage with my fav cowboy boots my friend Brooke gave me. These first 3 dresses are from Sarahseven on Etsy. I doubt I'll actually get one b/c of time constraints, but I think they are adorable.

This photo is from someone's real wedding I saw on the Green Wedding Shoes blog. They had a cute carnival theme!
Clint's parents have a tandem bike, and we hope to get our engagement pics done with it. Super cute!
We are having a backyard wedding at his parents ranch. I think this is a cute and inexpensive seating arrangement!

I love the idea of the vintage frames with pics in the tree. There is a perfect tree for this at his parents.
I plan to use the cute fabric banners from Sparkle Power's etsy store, I just need to figure out how many I need!
And of course we are going to have a cupcake tower instead of the traditional wedding cake, b/c I lovelove cupcakes!
(pics from Green Wedding Shoes blog unless another link is given)

There is so much to do! We have to idea for the invites involving tandem bikes, that we plan to screenprint ourselves at home in our bathroom like we always do! lol. As soon as we do them, which will be soon I'll post them up! Hopefully today I'll get dressed and head over to the Vintage Rose, and look at some vintage dresses....look forward to more wedding posts! xo


GraphXGrrl said...

Those plans sound like they're going to be really beautiful! I love the idea of a ranch wedding. :)

Congrats girlie!

Brooke Ann Dove said...

I can't wait....I am so excited!

kimi said...

OMG, I am so excited for you both! I wish I lived closer to help with anything.

kiki said...

thanks everyone! I found the perfect dress yesterday! i'm glad things are falling into place! I'll keep everyone updated