Saturday, May 8, 2010

The 15 Minute Blog

I have been trying to give myself deadlines. I suck at time management I have 15 minutes to write this blog b/c I have to get in the shower and get ready for work, while trying to gulp down my coffee. PS I've been making my own coffee in my french press! go me! How do you take/make your coffee? Mine must have lots of sugar!

I am trying really hard to get all my school stuff done! I am down to the wire here, and I can't focus b/c of the stress of not getting things done. But I am trying new tactics :) and the little mantra of I can do it I can do it I can do it! How do you destress yourself?

I saw this on a tumbler and it totally made my day! I need to email it to myself so it can make me smile!
I also saw this on a tumbler, and I was like I totally have that dress! I think I am going to wear it today! lol so I need to dig it out of Narnia (which was Calley calls my closet). I got it at Target, it was part of one of their designer series. I wish the Zac Posen stuff at target would go on sale, but by that time it will probably be gone...PS I heart Target...Which line has been your fav designer series at Target? Mine was the Erin Fetherston line or the Jovovich Hawk I can't even pick one.

I want to go on a trip to anywhere lol. I'm off next weekend, but Clint is not. Maybe I will visit San Angelo? Maybe I will hole up in my room and do homework? Or paint my living room walls or finish the flower beds? or maybe runaway to Santa Fe lol or Carlsbad Caverns...we talk of going there a lot. :) Where would you run away to?

LOL my sentiments exactly! I heart MK! I struggle with this issue a lot since I work in retail and as a manager have to wear things from my store. I usually pair things from the store with some of my vintage stuff. My DM doesn't seem to mind.

I went through this phase where I felt like a hypocrite b/c I wanted to be all handmade/vintage, support only the handmade community and all that jazz and I'm working for a big chain retail store. But putting it into perspective, I have to have a job to pay bills and even though I have a degree I am having a hard time finding one. So I put a plan into motion to get me out of retail :)! I can't wait for the day when I never have to go to the mall again! lol I will enjoy going to thrift stores and shopping on etsy all the time! Not that I don't do that already.

Any thoughts?

My 15 minutes is up! Have a good day!

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