Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Made in Oregon

Today I did some yard work. It is a hot and sweaty business. I thought I would feel like I accomplished something, but now I am wishing I just paid someone else to do it...well at least the cleaning up and stuff I did fun! :( I'm ready to just plant pretty things already, and water them. I bought some fun gardening clogs at target to get me in the mood, they're lime green and awesome!

Today we also went and ate at Cracker Barrel. I love that place! They have strawberry shortcake as a desert, and it is to die for! We also ran by Bed Bath and Beyond and then did some grocery shopping. I think I prefer shopping online! lol.
My puppies are in need of grooming...they stink and I'm sure they are hot hot hot....
I couldn't resist this bag...I saw it on my new fav blog Camp Comfort. I clicked on the link and got it on sale from the Made in Oregon website...awesome! I like the southwestern feel. I am big into southwesterny looking things right now. I have strange tastes b/c sometimes I like crazy religious things...I guess I am just too random. lol
Today is Cinco de Mayo, we got invited to a party. We're just homebodies lol. I hope to get a grill and some outdoor furniture someday so we can have parties at our house! A girl can dream...sigh...Something else I realized I could use today is an address book. I know my mom bought me one and I can't find it. Maybe I can make one?
Did you do anything for the 5th of May?


Brooke Ann Dove said...

I ate was good.

GraphXGrrl said...

Wow, you sound like my mother-in-law! haha

She wears Southwestern styles all the time and her fav. place to eat is Cracker Barrel. ;)