Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vacation Dreams

This past week I have been super sick! Booo! But I had lots to do so I didn't let being sick stop me. I have been observing classes for 5 hours in the morning, then going to work until close. I have one more tiny assignment due then its study, study, study!

I can't decide if I want to make muffins or eggs n stuff for breakfast? hmmmm....

The puppies got haircuts and they looks so cute, and they are sooo soft! I'll have to post pics soon!

The last time I went grocery shopping I remembered that I wanted to try Nutella...they were out! So I still haven't tried it!

I've decided I want to go on a fun vacation, to like Disney World/Land or whatever...I'm sure it would be fun....I'll start dreaming....

Where are you going for vacation this summer?

1 comment:

GraphXGrrl said...

Yay for My Little Pony!

We are actually going to Disney World for our summer vacation. I can't wait! You should definitely plan to go there soon!!