Sunday, May 30, 2010

81, 82 and Counting

Today Clint and I went out to his grandparents ranch to celebrate his Grandad Riley's 81st bday and Granny Mary's 82nd bday. They are the cutest couple ever! We actually got married on their 60th wedding anniversary! We BBQed and ate outside, and everything was just so yummy. On the ride up there Clint and I just gabbed about stuff like we usually do. We got to talking about me getting a teaching job (hopefully) and a change in my wardrobe. I work in a juniors clothing store, so I tend to wear lots of clothes from the store because I get a discount. Clint informed me today that I am getting too old to wear some of that stuff lol, and I kinda agree. So I looked into a more sophisticated style. I love all these looks! I just wish we had an Anthropologie and JCrew here...

style copyFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

style copy by cdp featuring J Crew

What is your style? Fav place to shop?

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