Friday, May 7, 2010

I don’t love studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful.

I have made tea and coffee...I need to hit up that coffee! I've been really good about getting up and making me and the mister lunches to take to work! I did my Wii Fit yesterday! and today I am sore lol. I am about to do it again! Then drink coffee. I had my first day back to work yesterday and it was a bummer. I am already tired of it, and I do not want to talk to people...booo.

I had the weirdest dreams that made no sense. Like clint racing girls in high heels and being in a place where instead of stairs there were scary rope bridges and fire house poles that you had to slide down...I finally just got out of

Audrey Hepburn looks like a model for Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume...
I thought this was cute! I love tea!
I need a real vacation, where I take a trip. Clint is still pushing for a cruise. I want Paris.

I want a backyard oasis like this! I am hunting for affordable but cute outdoor furniture!
Yay for spring!
I wonder if people want to say this to me sometimes? lol...usually its that I need more caffine.
Like more caffine! lol Those olsen twins...I think they are more addicted than I am....
Here is my final thought...have an awesome day!
(images from weheartit and tumbler)


Brooke Ann Dove said...

I vote Paris...I'll help you plan, we can do it on a budget!

Lindsay said...

I vote Paris too, it's amazing!!! such pretty eye candy today! Hope you have a great weekend!