Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Product Review: Rock&Candy and Fydelity

Life is getting back to normal, and I'm trying out new products. I loved shopping at Pacsun when I was in high school, and now I've technically worked there for about 2 years, and I still love the stuff. I work in a test store which means we get the new stuff first to see how it might sell, and if it does well then all the stores get it...yeah we're special.

We recently got some Rock & Candy flats in. They are similar to Toms, but with a thicker sole that doesn't seem to wear out as fast and at 1/2 the cost. I bought the southwestern-y ones. I definitely recommend them! They come in fun colors, so head over the the website and take a look.
We also received Fydelity boom box bags. I have a small clear-ish neon pink one. You hook up your iphone(or whatever) and it has a small amplifier and your music plays through the speakers. Their website was super fun, and they carry some rad bags. I'm a huge fan of the vintage-y blue one at the bottom. What do you think? Would you carry a boom box bag?

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