Monday, July 18, 2011

Photo Dump

It's hot outside, and I am drinking hot coffee. I get weird looks all the time, even when ordering. I have to specifically ask for it hot or they'll make it cold. I've cut way back on going to Starbucks, thanks to instant coffee!
Homer mug found at Ross.

I try to take quick pictures of my outfits when I get to work, mostly because I don't own a full length mirror. Some day I will have a real camera, but for now I make due with my iphone camera.
Shirt: Pacsun
Shorts: Aerie
Tights: Pacsun
Shoes: Pacsun
Braclet : L.A.M.B.
(can you tell where I work?!)

My co-worker told me I looked like that guy from Poison, when I wore this to work the other day...
headband: claire's
cardigan: aerie
tee: volcom (pacsun)
jeggings: bullhead (pacsun)

cardigan: aerie
tank: vans
jeggings: bullhead (pacsun)
boots: f21

my friend Calley just got a new tattoo. It was painful she said, and still needs shading.

Today's lunch: Chipotle tacos and perrier.

I did my nails the other night when I couldn't sleep. I used the Sally Hansen nail stickers and this new black poppy nail polish from work.

This is me today. I was about to leave to run errands and remembered I hadn't taken a picture of these shades. I also turned my wet bar into a paint bar this week...
Sunglasses: Modern Amusement (pacsun)

While at Target, I spotted my dream bike...

I tried on a dress

Last week I went to TJ Maxx. I really wanted this dress b/c I've been looking for a lacy dress, but it was too short for my tastes...
I've just been filling the time without my husband with walking around town, trying things on, and eating when I'm not at work...what do you do when you're lonely?
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Angie said...

Wow, all of your outfits are incredible! Jen looked over and said they are cute and eccentric. :D Your hair is also ace!!! And I like hot coffee too, even in SUMMER, le gasp!

Mrs. Miller said...

thanks ladies! i'm kinda known for my eccentricity around here...i'm dying my own hair right now! it could be a disaster....i'm impatient, my colorist doesn't work on mondays so i took matters into my own hands...

Carrie said...

cute outfits! My husband drinks coffee everyday no matter what the temp and its hot here like 100 ugh have a great day