Saturday, July 9, 2011

There Are Better Things To Do

This week has been pretty crazy. I spent most of it working and doing laundry. My husband left for his tour yesterday, so I am kinda lonely, but my friends are doing their best to keep me company. Here are a few photos from my week....

Loki Doki, the sassiest pup you'll ever meet.

Duo Maxwell, hates his picture taken, especially while sleeping.

1st piece of artwork I've actually purchased for my home. I've been looking for something to go on my huge living room wall...only took 4 years.

This is one of my go to outfits, especially for work. I love those tights so much I bought 3 pairs.
Cardigan: Aerie (I love that store!)
Tee: Eisley band tee
Shorts: Roxy
Tights: black poppy (pacsun)
shoes: black poppy (pacsun)
hat: american eagle (old school)
latte: sugar browns

There are my tired feet and garden shoes after a long day. But it was a good day for a BBQ.

My friend Calleycakes is a badass and got this super cute edgy hair cut. I love it and it looks awesome on her!
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